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Industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Automation is now being followed by the digitalization of production. The aim: to increase productivity and efficiency, speed, and quality. In this way, companies can remain competitive on the path to the future of industry. 

You will find everything you need for automation technology and the digitalization of production here in the comprehensive portfolio from Siemens:

The requirements placed on modern machinery and systems are constantly increasing in all industries. With the automation systems from Siemens, you benefit from an extremely high level of efficiency, flexibility and economy while covering all requirements:

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems Controllers

  1. LOGO! logic module
  2. Basic Controllers
  3. Advanced Controllers
  4. Distributed Controllers

Basic Controllers

LOGO! logic module

The LOGO! logic module is the convenient, user-friendly solution for simple open-loop and closed-loop control tasks.

LOGO! can be implemented universally.

  •   LOGO! basic modules with display
  •   LOGO! basic modules without display
  •   LOGO! expansion modules
  •   LOGO! communications modules
  •   LOGO! Power
  •   LOGO! Software
  •   LOGO! accessories
  •   SIPLUS LOGO! Power

Basic Controllers

The SIMATIC S7-1200 combines compact modular design with high performance, making it suitable for a wide variety of automation applications. Its range of use extends from the replacement of relays and contactors up to complex automation tasks in networks and within distributed structures.

          Standard CPUs

  • CPU 1211C
  • CPU 1212C
  • CPU 1214C
  • CPU 1215C
  • CPU 1217C

Advanced Controllers


An S7-1500 automation system has a modular design and comprises up to 32 modules. It has a comprehensive range of modules that can be combined individually. The S7-1500 automation system supports one-tier configurations where all modules are mounted on one DIN rail.

       Standard CPUs

  • CPU 1511-1 PN
  • CPU 1513-1 PN
  • CPU 1515-2 PN
  • CPU 1516-3 PN/DP
  • CPU 1517-3 PN/DP
  • CPU 1518-4 PN/DP
  • CPU 1518-4 PN/DP MFP


The S7-400 is the most powerful PLC in the family of SIMATIC controllers. It enables successful automation solutions with Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). 

Standard CPUs

  • CPU 412
  • CPU 414
  • CPU 416
  • CPU 417


SIMATIC S7-300 is the mini-PLC system for the lower and medium performance ranges.

The modular and fan-free design, simple implementation of distributed structures, and convenient handling make the SIMATIC S7-300 the cost-effective and user-friendly solution for the most diverse tasks in the low-end and mid performance ranges.

Standard CPUs

  CPU 312

  CPU 314

  CPU 315-2 DP

  CPU 315-2 PN/DP

  CPU 317-2 DP

  CPU 317-2 PN/DP

  CPU 319-3 PN/DP

Distributed Controllers

Standard CPUs

  • CPU 1510SP-1 PN:

for smaller applications with medium requirements regarding the program scope and processing speed, for distributed setup via PROFINET IO or PROFIBUS DP.

  • CPU 1512SP-1 PN:

for applications with medium requirements regarding the program scope and processing speed, for distributed setup via PROFINET IO or PROFIBUS DP.