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    Panel Building Services

    WAMCO takes pride in our in-house and dedicated strategic business unit, “ECS Panel Assembly,” which adeptly addresses the paneling needs of our clients. This internal capability positions us to offer cost-effective and customized solutions, providing clients with a wide range of high-quality control panels, ranging from Form 1 (with no internal separation for functional units) to Form 4 (having internal separation for functional units).

    To ensure quality assurance, all panels undergo rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before shipment. Our engineers, leveraging extensive AutoCAD experience, are proficient in designing, building, and testing panels to meet your requirements in the most reliable and cost-effective manner. We source top-quality components and materials from leading vendors to ensure the panels meet the necessary short circuit current rating.

    Whether integrated into a turn-key project or offered as an individual service based on client requirements, our Panel Assembly services, managed by ECS for Electrical Industrial Development, specialize in fabricating and assembling all types of panel boards.

    We Integrate the following:

    Panel building services include:

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