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Here you will find the following drive systems and drive components for a very wide range of applications.

The variable-speed drives from Siemens Drive Technologies are available in a variety of versions which cover all the requirements of modern industrial applications. The range extends from low-cost versatile converters for small performance capacities through reliable large drives in the megawatt range up to highly dynamic drives for machine tools and production machines.

Low-voltage and servo motors for the entire mechanical engineering and plant construction industry – the solution for the future: maintenance-free, dynamic, and powerful.

  • SINAMICS V20 basic converters
  • SINAMICS G110 standard converters
  • SINAMICS G120C compact converters
  • SINAMICS G120 standard converters
  • SINAMICS G130 converter built-in units
  • SINAMICS G150 Drive converter cabinet units.