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 SYSTEM PLAST: – The System Plast® brand is a global leader in high quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and industry-leading conveying components. They also have manufacturing and service centers located strategically around the world.

System Plast® brand is focused with a drive towards assisting customers achieve sustainability while lowering their total cost of ownership. They do this through continuous improvement activities. System Plast® brand has a culture of innovation. Power Transmission Solutions continues support for this with strong technical capabilities and resources. This has been accomplished by providing conveying components solutions for diverse material handling applications.

  •       Chains and Sprockets
  •       Modular Plastic Belts and sprockets
  •       Curves and Tracks
  •       Wear strips
  •       Chain and Belts return systems.
  •       Side guides solutions
  •       Side guide brackets and accessories
  •       Frame and supports.
  •       Miscellaneous products
  •       Levelers
  •       Bearing Supports
  •       Couplings
  •       Drive Components
  •       Gearing

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