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What Is Domain Hosting?

Domain hosting may initially come across as a confusing term for the general public. It, in fact, combines the two concepts of domain name registration and web hosting. A provider of domain hosting will deliver both the domain registration and the hosting server resources for your website.

Web hosting, in general, refers to the process of providing various technologies and services required to run the website. Typically, this primarily includes the whole space or portion of one or more physical servers. This can further be enhanced by the addition of bandwidth, installation of different scripts, crew support etc.

In case of domain hosting, the provider assigns a domain name along with these services. Without a domain name, your website will not be accessible to the public. All functionalities of the website then depend on the given resources and this site can be accessed through the registered domain.

Importance of Domain Name

  1. Easily Memorable
    Domain names came into being because the individual IP addresses assigned to each website are not easy to remember for the masses. For example, “bestwebhosts.com” will be easier to remember than “”. The same way we prefer saving each phone number on our device with a contact ID, we find it easier to type in a domain name instead of the IP address. One can easily read and memorize these names since they only consist of letters and digits.
  2. Online Identity
    The domain name of your website will be the online identity of your business. This is the name all your potential customers will search for on Google, Bing and other similar platforms. Evidently, it is very important that this name reflects the goals, the values and the kind of services your company offers.
  3. Reliability
    Domain name is a crucial factor for the startups and small business owners. A professional website address boosts confidence in customers. Usually, the free web hosting services manage to provide a generic URL like “www.yourdomain.com”. This raises concerns among the customers about your sincerity and prevents them from trusting your company. They may wonder that, if you are not willing to invest in a decent online presence, why should they rely on you with their money or time? Hence, a good domain name is an indispensable component in ensuring the prosperity of your business.
  4. First Impression
    Before entering any page of your website, visitors will take a quick glance at the domain name. That is why, it should be decent, relevant and attractive to create a strong first impression. This will help the audience decide if they want to engage with your business or not.
  5. Branding Stability
    Along the way, you may need to switch to an in-house server or transfer the web hosts at a point. If you own the current domain name, you don’t have to take another URL while making this switch. As a result, this major change will not hamper the branding you have already built.
  6. Customer Engagement
    The right domain name will encourage the web surfers to pay your website a visit. It can also increase daily traffic for the site and bring in more customers. For instance, if you own a website based on makeup items, the domain name “www.beautyshades.com” will automatically attract a large number of makeup enthusiasts. It will also show up more frequently on web search results.
  7. Professional Emails
    The professional email addresses of all your employees may depend on the website domain. It is a very common practice among most enterprises these days. Hence, the domain name of your company must be standard and relevant to build a good reputation among both customers and business affiliations.