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Air Conditioners

Get the intelligent, energy-efficient, low-noise, reliable cooling systems you need to meet your specific requirements. All developed and tested to highest standards.

Open Loop Cooling

Get the right level of protection. When you need an economical, high-performance cooling solution for light heat loads, take advantage of our open-loop systems.

Outdoor Cabinets

Your challenge: protecting sensitive electronics in outdoor environments. Your solution: nVent SCHROFF outdoor cabinets. We’ve thought of everything including tough shielding against vandalism, UV damage, and corrosion. Plus compliance with standards for shock, vibration and earthquake resistance. Problem solved. Protected from the Elements – and Vandals.

Heat Exchangers

For applications exposed to high-ambient temperatures and/or extremely dusty and dirty conditions, rely on the superior engineering and efficiency of our heat exchangers.


Protect your equipm;ent with our thermostatically controlled, fan-driven heater that maintains a stable enclosure temperature.


Maximize the life of your equipment. Maintain optimal temperatures and regulate moisture for your critical components

Vortex Coolers

Powered by compresses air, Vortex Cooling Systems generate chilled air to cool small enclosures without refrigerants or moving parts.


Get the industry-leading protection for your large components and complex mounting configurations needed for indoor and outdoor applications in mild or harsh environments.

Disconnect Enclosures

Increase safety and minimize risk. Rely on our wide selection of superior quality enclosures specially designed to reduce electrical hazards, including arc flash incidents.

Junction Boxes

From mild steel enclosures for basic indoor electrical protection to continuous hinge stainless-steel enclosures for corrosion-resistance, we have junction boxes for almost every application

Modular Enclosures

Get the optimum strength and mounting flexibility you need to protect your electrical and electronic equipment in industrial, local-area networking and telecommunications applications.


From utility junctions to protecting relays, contactors and wire, get the commercial enclosures and wireway you need to complete your projects on time within budget.

Hazardous Location Enclosures

Customers trust us to protect their electrical controls in Division 1 or Zone 1 areas with flameproof and explosion-proof enclosures. Our enclosures also enhance reliability of panels in hazardous areas with purge and pressurization solutions.

Subracks, Rack Mount Cases and Front Panels

nVent SCHROFF subracks are well known for their versatility. We offer a comprehensive range of models tailored to your unique industry and application – whether military, aerospace, test/measurement, rail or telecom. Need shock & vibration protection and EMC shielding? We’ve got it. Front panels are unique to each board– so we tailor yours to fit your equipment. nVent SCHROFF is your design partner for flexible standards-based platforms.

Indoor Electronics Cabinets

Your critical projects demand the best in electronics protection: nVent. You can configure your 19″ cabinet to your unique requirements. Need custom modifications or engineered cooling solutions? No problem. EMC shielding? We have it. Check out our range of multipurpose electronics cabinets and our ruggedized models resistant to shock, vibration, or earthquakes.